Kaivos ja mineraali

Mineraalien käsittely vaatii kestäviä tulenkestäviä tuotteita, jotka kestävät jatkuvaa abrasiivista kulumista. Meiltä löytyy mm. low-rebound shotcreting/gunning tuotteet sekä precastit. Allied Mineralsin mineraali tuoteperheen räätälöidyt tuotteet, kuten TUFFCRETE®, ARMORGUN® ja DURACON®, on kehitetty varta vasten rautamalmien, kalkin ja sementin käsittelyyn.


We design conventional castables and gun mixes with controlled set time options for rapid installation, shotcreting, pumping, casting and gunning. Our extensive product offerings cater to cement processing; they exhibit excellent thermal cycling capabilities and outstanding resistance to corrosion, alkalis and abrasion.

METAL-ROK®: The ultimate ceramic-metal composite that can withstand a variety of destructive temperature environments. METAL-ROK is sold only as a precast shape.

Impact applications, Protection shapes, Abrasion tubes, Armor shields, High abrasion / High wear components, Kiln nose rings shapes

Our TUFFCRETE® product line is considered the best shotcreting product in the industry.


Since ore processing is a critical base for many metallurgical practices, Allied enhances it with refractories designed for maximum performance and precision installation. Let us help protect your equipment from repetitive impact and wear. Our monolithic shotcrete and gunning products and precast, pre-fired refractory shapes offer the consistency and dependability ore dressing requires.


You shouldn’t have to worry about lost production time, difficult installation and substandard equipment performance. Allied’s products address your lime processing requirements so you can focus on providing this vital mineral to construction, manufacturing and environmental industries.

Products for preheaters, feeds, tail rings, rotary kilns, nose rings, coolers and cooling air inlets.