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Designed for high performance and constant product quality. OL CS machines, ranging from 420 tons to 5500 tons of clamping force, are designed for high performance and constant product quality. IDRA is constantly developing OL CS range, with innovative solutions designed to answer all the latest production requirements.

Technical details and benefits:

  • Closed loop pressure control 
  • Drive Control Pump
  • Laser Platen foot measurement 
  • Temposonic measuring
  • Analog fluid control 
  • Rapid Die Change 


Designed for high velocity and large size dies. OL R machines represent a new generation of die press machine, with a shorterlength compared to similar toggle models and better distribution of tie bar load compensating die thermal expansion automatically.

Technical details and benefits:

  • Two Platen Toggle Free Machine
  • Range of toggle-free Machines
  • 2 Platens Compact HPDC
  • 1000t to 4600t
  • Large platen dimensions
  • Compact Size
  • Inject Computer IC 3.0
  • Award winning HMI
  • Integrated High-Flow Hydraulic manifold
  • Closed Loop Injection system


Quality and innovation. The new XPress machine by Idra represents a new experience in Die Casting from many points of view. Conceived and designed in Italy, XPress pushes the boundaries, with many technological innovations & world class specifications, in one compact solution, beautifully designed to have the same high performance of larger and more costly presses.

Technical details benefits:

  • XPress Clean And Lean Design
  • High-End Specifications
  • Compact Size Will Carry Die Casting In A New Era
  • High performance
  • Easy Maintenance and Excellent Efficiency
  • Idra S Injection System
  • Brushless motors driving the hydraulic pump system
  • Rigid toggle system
  • Quality without compromise


Zero Oxide Process. NOX offers absence of oxides, reduced Hydrogen content, high density components.

Technical details and benefits:

  • Advanced Tech for structural components
  • Deep vacuum in die cavity
  • Dosing of molten Aluminium in protected environment
  • No contact with Air
  • Accurate control of filling speed
  • Can be fitted to DCM from 1300 to 6200t


  • Absence of oxides
  • Reduced Hydrogen content
  • High density components


  • Low porosity
  • High ductility
  • Suitability for HT and welding

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