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Beijers is a specialist supplier of industrial products to the metal industry with a history of operations in Finland dating back to 1928. Our main focus is on serving the metallurgical industry and the foundry and engineering industries.

We represent specialised and well-established companies from all over the world. In many instances, we have built long-term relationships which gives us a specialist service from which our customers can benefit. In addition, we continually refine and renew our growing network through our suppler evaluations in order to enable us always to solve even the most difficult challenges.


Our business and product areas

Kivenmurskainten varaosat, jauhinkuulat, seulaverkot, koneiden kynnet

Aggregates and mining industry

Beginning of 2019 Beijer Tech has acquired the assets and liabilities in the Finnish company Uudenmaan Murskaus which is operating in aggregates industry. With decades of experience Uudenmaan Murskaus has specialized in wear and spare parts.  We also offer repairs for both parts and complete machines.  Our large stock enables quick deliveries and minimum downtime for our customers.

Beijer Oy operates in Finnish mining industry. Our product range covers most important parts of mining process. We have a wide range of products and consumables for crushing. grinding and material transportation.

Terästeollisuuden tuotteet

Steel industry

Beijers has earned the trust of Finnish steel and metal industry companies over the years. We represent the best high-class products in each of our client’s fields. Our goal is to be the primary strategic partner of each of our customers. Our versatile delivery program covers products from small material deliveries to entire plants. Our modern product solutions and service solutions enable our customers to increase their competitive ability and boost productivity.

We are always interested to expand and actively looking for new products and services to offer for our exciting customers.

Valimoteollisuuden tuotteet, sulatus, valu, kaavaus, keerna, loppukäsittely

Foundry industry

Beijer Oy is a significant supplier of machinery, equipment, foundry chemicals and materials to iron and steel foundries as well as to foundries casting other metals. Our delivery program and fully comprehensive service covers the needs of foundries across-the-board.

In addition to products, we offer our customers technical consultation services, for example in the areas of material selection, equipment acquisitions, maintenance, casting fault minimization and layout design. We are also able to deliver customer-specified products from our warehouse in Espoo even within a single working day.

Heat treatment

Beijers offers wide range of products and services to Finnish heat treatment companies. We are a comprehensive supplier and our product range covers every step needed for successfull heat treatment process.

Our partners rank top among the world’s leading equipment and materials suppliers. We are always interested to expand and actively looking for new products and services to offer for our exciting customers.

Sinkopuhdistuskone, täryhiomako, hionta, kiillotus, polttoleikkaus, vesileikkaus, terminen ruiskutus

Metal pre-treatment and surface treatment

Beijers provides expert, field-specific consultation and support services based on its intimate knowledge of the materials, methods, machinery and equipment involved in mechanical finishing. 

Our supply offering includes mechanical cleaning materials, shot blasting machines and equipment, filters for dedusting plants, including whole dedusting plant installations, as well as  spare parts and maintenance services for shot blasting machines.

3d metallitulostimet, 3d hiekkatulostimet, 3d tulostuspalvelu

3D printing

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